07 Sept 2004
Signing of Reseller Agreement Between Engage Communication and Ei-Infocomm
California USA, and Singapore - (September 7, 2004) : Engage Communication, Inc. (Engage) and Ei-Infocomm have entered into reseller agreement that gives Ei-Infocomm rights to sell, distribute and support Engage products in Singapore.

Ei-Infocomm recognizes the unique value of Engage solutions to provide our customers with alternatives for legacy systems communication over today's rapidly emerging IP infrastructure. Many legacy systems remain installed and in good working order across the communications infrastructure. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) voice systems, utility SCADA systems, telecommunications channel banks, cellular telecommunication switches, and federal government secure-data encryption systems all are legacy communication systems that are based on time-division multiplexing and/or serial-data interfaces. The Engage IPoTube family encapsulates T1, E1, and serial data communications into Ethernet frames for transmission over any IP infrastructure. The IP- Tubes communicate over fiber optics, wireless, satellite, cable modem termination systems, DSL, power line carrier, and any other IP infrastructure. With the explosion of ubiquitous IP broadband infrastructures in Singapore and greater Asia Pacific, Ei-Infocomm see a world of opportunity to merge the legacy world of yesterday with the IP world of tomorrow by applying the technologies of Engage Communication, Inc. today.

The IPoTubeoE1 and IPoTubeoQE1 encapsulate full and fractional E1 and TDM circuits, along with their framing and signaling bits, into IP packets. The IPoTubeoE1's and IPoTubeoQE1's T1 over IP and T1 over Ethernet connection provides for the transparent interconnection of PBXs, Telecom Switches and E1 based communication systems via LANs, WANs, MANs, Satellite and Wireless Ethernet.

The IPoTubeoE1oC and IPoTubeoQE1oC add the optional capability of Lossless Data Compression. This industry-leading feature continuously detects idle/redundant data within each E1 circuit resulting in as much as 56:1 bandwidth savings. E1 over IP WAN bandwidth is not consumed by silent or redundant circuits.

The IPoExpressoQE1 is a high performance, bandwidth scalable, IP WAN router with 4 E1 ports offering a standards-based inverse multiplexing (N x E1) capability. The 4 E1 ports are able to connect to 4 remote locations or to be N x E1 inverse packet multiplexed to a remote location from 4 Mbps to 8 Mbps.

Lawrence Tan, the Managing Director of Ei-Infocomm indicated that the demand for Engage Communication's flagship products (IPoExpress and IPoTube) in the region is encouraging. He says: "The partnership between Engage Communication and Ei-Infocomm enables the penetration of Engage's high quality products to this part of the region. As for Ei-Infocomm, we are able to widen our product and solution offerings to our expanding customer base in Singapore and Asia Pacific."