Protogate designs, builds, markets, and supports WAN data communications equipment and software. Our products are used worldwide to provide access to WAN data on IP networks.

Until January, 2000, a company called Simpact designed, manufactured, and marketed data communications servers that link IP networks to legacy and specialty WANs. With over 25 years of experience and more than 10,000 installations worldwide, Simpact was the leading supplier of legacy and specialty protocol solutions for mission-critical applications. Simpact's customers cover a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies including financial data service providers, banks, telcoms, airlines, and utilities. Simpact also supplied government agencies and military organizations throughout the world.

Protogate is a descendent of Simpact, sharing many of the same employees and customers. We at Protogate are committed to supporting all Simpact products. Most of us were long-time employees of Simpact, and have in-depth knowledge of Simpact's products; together we provide Protogate with expertise in every product which was being supported by Simpact.