Engage Communication, incorporated in 1989 , has ROHS solutions that enable organizations to route , bridge , encrypt , auto protect Voice/Video/Data Networks and to take advantage of the lower costs and flexibility associated with Packet transport while preserving their investment in Circuit based premises equipment such as: PBXs, Phone Switches, Voice and Data Multiplexors, Video and Audio Codecs, and Encryptors...

TDM over IP Encapsulation of synchronous serial data from standard Data Terminal Equipment and Data Communication Equipment such as Encryptors, Terminal Servers, Video Codecs, and WAN Routers into a Transparent Bandwidth Regulated IP Tunnel.

HDLC Over IP connects to the leased line interface of an Enterprise's WAN Equipment and encapsulate the HDLC frames into an IP Packet that is sent to the remote site IPTube where it is presented to the remote WAN router as the original HDLC frame.

Engage Delivers WAN
Engage is a leader in the integration of Telecommunication and Networking technologies that deliver complete high performance WAN solutions.