Eicon Networks is a worldwide provider of secure Internet connectivity products. The Company's portfolio includes a full range of products for connecting PCs and network servers to the Internet and corporate networks, secure communications gateways and media gateways for voice over IP and unified messaging.

Eicon provides complete solutions in the following areas :
  • ISDN / DSL Internet Access
  • Secure Communications Gateways
  • Wide Area Network Communications
  • Unified Communications Systems

ISDN / DSL Internet Access (Diva) - Eicon Networks is the world's leading provider of superior quality ISDN customer premise equipment. Eicon delivers the most comprehensive ISDN product line in the industry - from cards for PCs and laptops to external boxes for single or multiple PCs. An innovative, superior quality line of DSL customer premise equipment is also available through Eicon Networks.

Secure Communications Gateways (VPN) - Eicon Networks delivers uncompromising secure connectivity based on wire-speed encryption. The entire Secure Communications Gateway (Safepipe) range of products employs the strongest encryption available today. All data or voice information is enclosed in a sealed electronic packet that travels via the Internet and can be accessed only by the designated recipient thus creating the company's own Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Wide Area Networks (WAN) Communications - Eiconcards facilitate communications for PC-based network servers that enable remote offices to connect to corporate networks and host computers over dedicated and dial-up lines, and include a unique ISDN back-up capability. With an installed base of more than 500,000 units in embedded-system applications such as private branch exchanges (PBXs), point-of-sale systems and automated banking machines, Eiconcards are the world's leading intelligent X.25 interface cards.

Unified Communications (Media Gateways) - Eicon' Diva Server family provides hardware based communication platform for remote access, unified communications and Voice over IP (VoIP). Applications that media gateway products enable include voice mail, fax servers, remote access to corporate networks, as well as newer VoIP applications that are focused on lowering a company's telecommunications costs.