CinTel , founded in 1997, is a Korea based company devoted to provide stable, high efficiency and faster Internet service solutions to enterprises, ISPs and content service providers. CinTel's flagship products include the iCache web caching solution and the Proximator CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution.


iCache is a reliable and high performance web caching hardware solution. It has been proven among the top performers in both The Third and The Fourth Cache-Off, which is the world's most authoritative and independent official test performed by IRCache, the world's leading caching solution research group.

Proximator is a family of products developed for constructing a complete set of CDN functionalities for enterprises and service providers in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It is based on a unique proximity-based content routing technology that dynamically distributes the user requests to the most responsive and available CDN Edges. Its benefit is that it provides fault-tolerant routing based on dynamic information. Since it can be configured independently of the local DNS of ISPs, it also provides scalability in constructing and expanding CDN Edges.