Apposite Technologies helps engineers “close the loop”™ with high-quality network test tools at reasonable prices. Apposite emphasizes ease-of-use so engineers spend time using the tools, not learning them. Apposite's Linktropy link emulator simulates bandwidth, latency, loss, and other network characteristics to provide accurate network simulations for terrestrial, wireless, satellite, Internet or any other type of wide-area network.

Apposite's leadership team combines expertise from managerial, marketing, and development roles at Packeteer, a leading networking equipment vendor, Mentat, a leading manufacturer of WAN acceleration products, the InterOperability Lab at the University of New Hampshire (UNH-IOL), and user organizations including Hughes Electronics, Honeywell, and Kobe Steel. The Apposite team has co-authored a variety of patents in WAN optimization, satellite networking, and HTML acceleration.

Apposite was founded in early 2005 and is entirely employee owned. The company is based in Culver City among a small community of shops, restaurants and movie studios on the Westside of Los Angeles, 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles..