Hospitality IPTV system is the latest trend worldwide the technology is moving. Many hotels are gearing into the digital age, which represents a perfect tool to spoil your guests even more, to make their stay more comfortable, to increase the level of their satisfaction and finally to make them your faithful guests. Furthermore, the IPTV system enables the establishment of additional revenue streams by providing new payable services and especially with the promotion of existing hotel services and facilities that enhance hotel profits and reduce its operational expenses.

An IPTV system deployed within a business enables hundreds of channels of TV and video to be viewed on an unlimited number of TVs and PCs connected to your existing data network. Your existing TV sets (best will be full HD) are simply connected to a system set-top-box with minimum disruption to the operation of your property.

The TV or video signals are converted into streams of data, which pass over the network in the same way as other data traffic. This eliminates the old analogue coaxial cables, which means saving on the infrastructure capital. A single UTP cable is able to provide Internet (both wired and wireless) as well as IPTV data to each outlet at best full HD video quality.

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